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Saturday, March 24, 2018

TA Investment Portfolio For February 2018

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February had been a month marked with market volatility. While volatility provides ample trade opportunities for short-term traders, a buy-and-hold investor would need a big stomach for those wild price swings.

With the basic principle of protecting the capital and keeping the losses small, stops were set in this TA portfolio and many positions were exited during the month. The fortunate thing was most positions had been triggered to close at profits. 

Closed Positions

Open Positions

While waiting for the dust to settle and the market direction to be clearer, no new position has been initiated in February.

As of 2nd Mar 18 (weekly close), this portfolio recorded a realized profits of $5.6K since its initiation and only 3 positions brought forward from January "survived" the volatility "attacks". The portfolio recorded a cumulative gain of 6.5% compared to 2% gain for the MSCI World Index.          

Featured Chart:

S&P 500 had initially broken upwards of the symmetrical triangle but then, the move failed and it had closed on 23 Mar 18 near the 200MA. At this level, it would be interesting to watch the resolve of the market participants for the next few weeks.

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